Saturday, 7 April 2012

What's inside my head?

I didn't start off making this a self portrait but it ended up that way. I was laid in bed last night still awake after everyone else had gone to sleep. Even the cats were laid on their backs in their beds with their legs in the air. With a busy head I just couldn't get to sleep, and I wished I had a stop button, so I could just shut my head down for the night, so I came up with this journal page. I'm sure we're all familiar with having a head full of....well stuff really.. when we go to bed. Don't you just wish you could hit the stop button?

All stamps used are Tim Holtz, and I used a That Special Touch cogs mask.
I used Lemon Zest and Cut Grass Dylusions inks by Dyan Reaveley.
I used pearl white, and aqua Adirondack dabbers around the edge, and used the wild plumb on the cogs.

If only I could hit the stop button!


Wendy Fraser said...

So that's whats in there! Stunning work. My head doesn't have an off button either! xx

Redanne said...

I agree with you about the stop button! Love this piece, it is amazing, I only wish I had something like that inside my head (I fear mine is full of butterflies). Happy Easter to you.

Red Kitty said...

Know what you mean hun, quite often wish there was a stop button. Page looks awesome though, so perhaps good your stop button didnt work.
Hope you had a good Easter and have been playing lots with your new stash?

Sandra. X

Marjie Kemper said...

I adore this piece. And yes, I sure wish there could be a stop button. But look what you've created because there's not!

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