Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Last few classes and a farewell to teaching

I really do need more hours in the day!
Do you?

After thinking long and hard I have decided to stop teaching after my last class on the 6th of September.
Work is pretty demanding at 50 hours per week, and I'm finding it harder and harder to get into the craft room, when all I want to do is get into bed!

I haven't made anything that was not for a class in ages. 
So I'm hoping this move will give me the freedom to make more for me and the blog :)
So watch out for the return of some walkthroughs and some general ramblings. x

My next classes are:-

On Sat 26th & Sun 27th July (this weekend!) at Wynyard in Teesside
Two mixed media projects
Some sneaky peeks below

There are a couple of spaces left due to cancellations so if you'd like to join in, then please come along, I'd love to see you there. 
Contact me on or Sue Tucker at and we'll get you on one or both the days.

Also check out the Art Workshops Facebook page for other classes being held at Wynyard, in Teesside


Altered Book workshop

On Saturday 2nd August is my Altered Book workshop at Art from the Heart in Harrogate

Turn those old Reader’s Digest books into something more interesting to look at! Alter them with lovely layers of paints, inks, fabric, ephemera and findings. This may look like a book on the shelf but when you open it, there is a hit of colour and lots of creative interest to look at. You’ll learn how to glue all your pages together and cut out the inside, adding paint and mediums to change the look of the book pages. Then adding some crafty bits n bobs to hide in the cut outs. A wonderful keepsake to hide on your bookshelf.


Colour Theory Workshop

On Saturday 23rd August 

Colour Theory Workshop at Art from the Heart in Harrogate

You’ll learn all aspects of colour theory which can be applied to all you’re crafting from card making to painting mixed-media and journal pages. We’ll make a colour chart and learn all about their hues and shades, make our own colour wheel, and understand what analogous and complimentary colours are. We’ll then put all this knowledge into practice and make some creative samples too, for you to keep and refer back to. You’ll never be stuck again wondering which colour to use, or how to make a colour you don’t have.  


Mixed Media portfolio

On the 6th of September at It's Crafting Time in Cambridge
No pics yet, will do soon. :)


Really looking forward to meeting you if you're coming along
Michelle xxxx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pretty PaperArtsy Canvas and Crafty Goings On.

It's been far too long since my last blog post, so I have lots to catch up on.
Now might be a good time to grab a cuppa :)

Yesterday I was teaching at the Craft Box in Barnsley, it's in the Heritage centre at Elsecar, its lovely there and the shop is a joy to walk around, full of amazing crafty stash and fabric. I'm gonna buy me a jelly roll next time I'm down there.

I was teaching this lovely canvas using the new JOFY stamps from PaperAtsy, and the new limited edition paints and stencils.

There's lots of lovely layers of interest from the background papers, stencilling, texture paste, stamping and treasure gold

Here are some of the lovely ladies in the class, everyone finished their canvases and they were all stunning too :)

I had a fabulous time and I can't wait to go back and taste Vicky's gorgeous cakes, and see Julie's mad as a hatter personality again :) xx
Thank you ladies it was a lovely day.


The She Art Class went super well at Art from the Heart in mid-May. And Sandra came up from Hull to join in too. Me and Sandra started this crafty journey together way back in March 2012 when we first visited Art from the Heart and had a life changing experience. So much has happened since then, and boy have we changed our crafty tastes. No more peel-offs!


 I love a messy studio!

Here is everyone's canvases, don't they look amazing?!
I love she art canvases, they just make me feel happy :)


Look what Ellen Vargo has sent me!!! Can't wait to use them on my canvas backgrounds, they are going to be well used thats for sure. They'll be perfect for making texture layers. You can get them from PaperAtsy here. :)


On another note I'm busy not only working full time as a geologist but also trying to make lots of paintings for a new Mexican restaurant opening in Stockton on the 7th July. 
So far I've only been able to get this far with a Mexican tree of life! It stands 3 foot high and 2 feet wide.
I've painted the flowers in gesso first before I'm painting the colour on, so the colour stands out better.
I've been mostly using Dina Wakley's new paints on this too. They are wonderful and bright!
Hopefully I'll finish it this week. I want to do an ornate day of the dead Mexican skull next. Maybe a Frida Kahlo one.

Here's one I made earlier for the restaurant a while back.
Its based on Huichol Yarn Folk Paintings They are so colourful, I love them.

Well no rest for the wicked. I'm off to Welsh Wales tomorrow to Llandudno for a little jolly with Helen..
Hope the weather stays sunny for us :)

Have a great week
Michelle xxxxx

Friday, 9 May 2014

Latest Classes, Sneaky Peeks and new Paints

Went to visit my Grandmother in Burnley yesterday which means I have to drive through Harrogate to get to Skipton. Which means I had to drive past Art from the Heart! Sacrilegious I hear you cry! So I popped in on the way home instead, Ha Ha! It would've been rude not to really. :) I had to go stroke some of the new Dina Paints anyway! Of course they just jumped into my basket, those lively little buggers. I bought 5 to play with.

I'll be back into Art from the Heart on Thursday next week on the 15th of May as I'm teaching my She Art canvases class (pics below). Lots of gorgeous layers in the background I love it. I'll be providing templates of 6 girls all hand drawn by me with interchangeable heads!

I've discovered a new product that I love too, I don't know why I've only come across them now, but I LOVE them! It's the Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt Pens. Now I thought these were just big felt tip pens last year and I didn't really give them a chance. But after playing with them this week, they are much more than that, and a mixed-media artist's best friend. You can move the ink around with your finger and get amazing results. So we're going to be using these too to have a play with them on Thursday, so if you want to come and join in there are a few places left HERE


It's sneaky peaky time. 
Below is a sneaky peak of a canvas I'm teaching at Barnsley on the 31st of May at The Craft Box, playing with all the latest PaperArtsy paints and JOFY stamps. Looking forward to finally meeting Lynn who runs the shop too :)


Here's another very close sneaky peak of the canvas I'm teaching on the first day of my Mixed-Media weekend at Wynyard Teesside on the 26th and 27th of July. This one makes me very happy. It's a place I always like to be at! Any guesses where it is?

You can book your place on the Art Workshops page on Facebook (just send them a message), or email Sue Tucker on to secure your spot.

I'll have another sneaky peak for the Sunday's project when I've finished it :) xx

I have lots to be getting on with these next few weeks as its Preview Day at Art from the Heart on the 14th of June and I need to get the new class projects finished (time is running out and I'm back at work on Monday! eeek!) then prep the preview day taster class too. It's a corker!

Oh and fill a restaurant full of paintings too.
I like to be busy! Or crazy maybe 
Have a great week
Michelle xxxxxx

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Give your heart the wings to fly class

Today I've been teaching my angel wings canvas at Art from the Heart. What a great day, loved seeing everyone again. I just love being there it makes me feel instantly happy and creative.
If you've not been before then give it a go, everyone is welcome :)

Here's Gemma and Donna in the naughty corner again.
Little Ella is just brilliant, she has no fear and just gets stuck in.

Ruth, Marilyn, Pam, Dawn

Lovely messy workdesk!

We ran out of time today and didn't quite finish the wings. 
I said I would put up pictures on how to finish it.

After you've stuck on your feathers start putting on the top shorter feathers.

Here's a closer look. I've painted some dark brown on the feathers under the next row to add some shading. I also painted some gesso and gold paint on top of the fabric.  

Paint your heart and stick it to the canvas with gel medium, or glossy accents or even Pinflair.

Cut out your words and distress the edge with Evergreen Bough distress ink.
I've used a crackle stamp with some gold pigment ink to crackle the words too.

Hope you can finish your canvases xxx

See you soon
Michelle xxxx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Secret Garden folding photo book

When Leandra over at PaperArtsy asked the Alumni guest designers if they wanted to join in one more time to making something for the blog, I jumped at the chance. 

I wanted to make something little and pink! And here it is, its a Secret Garden photo book. 

I have a walkthrough of how I made this over on the PaperArtsy blog.
Tiny arty things make me smile :)
Michelle x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Love the Simple Things. Wynyard Mixed-Media class

What a magic day its been!
I was teaching a Mixed-media class in Wynyard,Teesside.
Loved every minute of it, even though I was very nervous this morning.
I don't know why really they're all a lovely bunch of crafter's and one serious potter (Bryan).

Here is everyone making merry with the paints.
There was definitely a hive of activity, and lots of funny conversation. Daisy Lou was in tears at one point!

Me with the canvas they were creating.

Susan in deep concentration and her daughter Jane watching on.

Debbie Happy, Lou serious!

Donna is taking on the challenge of doing it all with her eyes shut!
Errr actually Donna what are ya doing here?

In family corner 

Daisy showing me my stamp! lol and Gemma needs to be reminded of her name 4 times! ha ha love it Gemma x

Karen and Jane, lovely ladies x
What are Gemma and Annette saying to Susie lol!

Naughty Sam, nuff said! 
Joan, what's up luv?

Sue tries to rein in Lou, chance! 

Helen's canvas, loving the texture.

Action shots

This is Sam stroking again, only its her own this time! lol

What a day, what a blast!
Roll on the next one.

From left to right. Back: Sue, Bryan,Karen, Annette, Joan, Juliet, Susan, Debbie, Jane, Diane, Gemma, Jane. Louise Wither's hiding her face!
Front: Daisy Lou, Kay, Sam, Me, Donna.
Susie lying down :)

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