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20th May 2017 at Art from the Heart. Harrogate
Time Wasted at the Beach Hut Canvas

Want to look at beach huts all day? Me too. You can by making your own perfect beach hut mixed-media painting. Full of colour, layers and texture, to put in your favourite spot at home. You'll spend the day learning techniques for layering up your mixed-media painting with different textures, blending and painting beautiful colour, stamping and stenciling without thinking too much to make your unique painting that you'll love. As well as having a fun day with your crafty friends. As always we will be providing most of the supplies, just please bring with you a fine detail paint brush and a brush for using with gel medium. We have black Aquarelle pencils in the studio but if you'd like to bring your own then feel free.


Saturday the 10th June 2017 at Art from the Heart
Using Watercolours in Mixed-Media

Watercolours come in all sorts of forms, from pens, pencils, crayons, paints and inks. They all have a place in your mixed-media projects because they look so great, on journal pages, tags or cards. In this class you'll learn lots of techniques for using with your watercolours and play with different products to see which ones work best for you. We'll go through layering colour to make vivid images pop and make eye catching backgrounds, we'll put all this together to make journal pages that will leave people wondering how you did that. As always we will be providing most of the supplies, just please bring with you a fine detail paint brush, as well as any wide (1-2") flat brush. Also any of your favourite journal pens if you'd like to use them.  

1 comment:

Janet Fleming said...

Hi Michelle, just like to say I was so happy to meet you on Sat at the Craft Range at Burnley, Inwas the chatty one who didn't stop asking questions, got loads of inspiration from you, so now it's time to get messy and dirty with lots of inks.
Look forward to meeting you again.

Jan xx

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