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Sunday 31st January 2016
Art from the Heart

Mail Art Class

Mail art is so much fun to make and even better when you get your own through the letterbox too. In this class we'll be using just about everything in the studio to make your own mixed-media mail art with your own personal designs. We'll be using stencils, paint, ink, stamps and doodling until your heart is content and you can make as many as you can fit in the class to take home. I'll show you how to make the envelopes and to make some fun things to put inside too. 


Saturday 13th February 2016
Art from the Heart

Mini Klimt - Women in Gold

Have you ever looked at a Klimt painting and wondered if you could do that? Well you can when you know how. In this class you'll get two Amsterdam Paints pens to keep and take home with you and a colour printed handout for you to follow in class.
If you can draw shapes then you can easily do this painting. We'll break it down into shapes and fill in the colours. The women is a cut out from a magazine and you'll be painting over the top of her, so no complicated drawing here too only shapes. When you have finished you'll be able to admire your handy work when the sun reflects off the beautiful colours you've painted. Please bring with you a black and white journaling pen. 

1 comment:

Janet Fleming said...

Hi Michelle, just like to say I was so happy to meet you on Sat at the Craft Range at Burnley, Inwas the chatty one who didn't stop asking questions, got loads of inspiration from you, so now it's time to get messy and dirty with lots of inks.
Look forward to meeting you again.

Jan xx

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