Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back with my haul!

Well I had a great time in York, Sarah Millican was brilliant. I found this great second hand shop called the Banana Warehouse, the window display just stopped me in my tracks straight away. It was just stacked hap hazardly with old vintage tins, tools and tat! The inside was an Aladdin's cave of organised chaos. There were sections for old books, bric a brac, trunks and suitcases and lots of furniture. I spotted an old coronation tin from 1953, and a silver jubilee book from 1977.  This book is full of old black & white pictures from 1953 to 1977, I'm sure I will use them lots. I picked up two fantastic large scale hardback music books too.

I can see one of the music books being used as a journal book, probably the Beethoven's Sonatas, because someone has annotated many of the pages in pencil, and it looks great. There's a Sunday School Prize badge in the front dated to 1932. The other 'Popular Songs' music book is dated to 1913. I love em! Guess how much........only £10 the lot BARGAIN!

Then I went to Art from the Heart this morning, I couldn't wait to get in there. Here's the haul from today. I bought the other 6 dylusion's inks to complete my set. I've got something in mind already to get cracking with tonight, probably using the Dina Wakely stamp, hell yeah! I bought the last copy of Art Journalling mag, it was meant to be.  The 'Art at the Speed of Life' book has some amazing techniques and projects in I can't wait to try out. I still have so much to learn. 

The Posca pens which were recommended to me by Kate Crane, the last time I was at AFTH, I got from Stuff 4 the Office in Ripon (or as my sat nav says Ripe-on! Stupid thing!)

I think I'm going to be very busy on my week off work, and seeing as the weather is...well...erm...CRAP...I guess I have no alternative but to force myself to get inky! What a crying shame.........NOT  :-)

Oooo I forgot to mention, I also booked myself onto one of the AFTH classes, for the 9th of May with Kate Crane, a drawing class for your journal....Must......Contain......My....Excitement......or Kate will think I'm crazy.
Michelle x

Just realised that word verification was on!! arrgg. I thought I had turned this off. It's not on now though.


Elaine said...

Yes michelle I think you are going to be busy what a lot of goodies enjoy your week off and have a nice Easter Hugs Elaine

Evil Edna said...

oh I have that stamp it is awesome, can't wait to see what you do with and the rest of your booty. Tootles

Wendy Fraser said...

Oooh luverly! Sounds like you had a great time. Enjoy your week off playing with your new goodies. xxx

thekathrynwheel said...

Ah, now I see what you spent your money on AFTH! What a lovely haul :-))
Hey, where is that shop in York? I NEED to go ......

Redanne said...

Wow you got some great buys at both York and AFTH - well done, you will be busy indeed. Keep warm and enjoy your new things! I envy you that class......

Michelle Webb said...

Take cash, you'll need it!
36 Piccadilly, York, YO10 9NX
Tel: 01904 621405

The big old trunks are amazing!

Red Kitty said...

Oh my lord, what a stash you got, looks awesome, you got loads. Still jealous that you been back already, lol. must find that shop you went to in York, York only about 3/4 of an hour from here so a trip is a must.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, you really are too kind. Am like you though and having a ball with this art journaling lark, loving it even more as i have you to share the journey with. Got a few birthday cards to make, but keep putting them off as want to work on my journal, lol.
Just trying to pursuade hubby that i can go back to AFTH, it my birthday at the end of the month so i really think he should let me...dont you???? Think he concerned i may need another morgage to go, think he prob right as i will just want everything, lol.
Take care, looking forward to seeing your pages with your new stash.
Sandra. x

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