Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Dylusions Goodies

This morning I could have shouted at someone. For the second time this month my Internet has gone off and had been off since yesterday morning, I had no means of nosing at the outside world.  I'm also trying to shake off a cold and I've got a mozzie bite that's ballooned on my ankle! It was safe to say I was in a very grumpy mood.....but..
Then there was a knock at the door and it was a parcel for me...but I wasn't expecting was from Art from the Heart.....what could it be?


One happy Shelley coming right up!
I had a big smile on my face and this lovely parcel instantly lifted my spirits and I was no longer in a cloud of doom. 
Shortly after this the Internet miraculously came back on! Happy days!

So I got to work on inking up my Spray Ink Pad.
These are my most favourite colours, London Blue, Vibrant Turquoise, and Crushed Grape.

As you can see on the pad I have already used the Dylusions Flower stamp to make some fab flowers on a journal page. It's like making your own Big n Juicy pad. I love it!

I did the background by lying my journal page on the ink pad. Then drying it, then doing it again and drying it. Then I stamped the skulls using the ink pad. You can see the skulls in the background below. I really LOVE this stamp pad!

I cut out the glass of the windows and put one of the skulls behind the window so you could just see his eyes.

I coloured in the grass using Prisma Colour pencils and I coloured the house, hat and eyes with Promarkers.

The pages in the new smaller Dylusions Journal are great. Nice sturdy pages all the same this time and they hold the colour beautifully. Well worth getting the lot really!

Thank you Art from the Heart (Ben, Dyan & Ali xx)
You made my day!

Have a great week.
Michelle xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry you aren't feeling good! I hope you are better soon!! LOVING your page! So fun!!

GrĂ¡inne said...

The page is to die for! I think I must get some of those new stamps *sigh* Sorry for the state you're in ... Get well very soon! Suzanne

Helen said...

Dyan is just the best.. I love this journal page, and the new journal looks a great size for that new ink pad! Hope your internet behaves now.... (I tried to comment from my phone but it wouldn't let me publish my comment so I had to get out of bed...!!)

inkypinkycraft said...

This looks great , vibrant colours and that ink pad does look amazingly clever! Glad your day took a turn for the better ! A fab page hugs trace x

Evil Edna said...

wow. looks fab.EE

Helen said...

Oh, I started drooling as soon as you showed what was in the package. All the new stuff seems to take ages before it filters through to us (obviously I live on the wrong side of this planet). Love, love these stamps!!!

Deborah said...

Oh wow! Fabulous page. I love the vibrant colours (the background is amazing!) - think I'm going to have to get me one of those in pads.

butterfly said...

Well, that would put a smile on anyone's face... sounds like you needed it though! What a fabulous make... fizzing with colour and fun.
Alison x

Ally White Cat said...

I saw this on face book and had to read your post. I am sorry your day began troubling but so happy for your package you received. your work is lovely and yes I love Dyans supplies they are wonderful.
susan s

applejack cards by sue said...

A horrible start to the day! great stamps and a fantastic page, great detailing.

Red Kitty said...

Lol those eyes peeking out are fabulous hun, love them. Really great page. Colours are yummy.
Take care hun.
Sand. Xxxxxx

Ursula said...

As I have a cold at the moment, I can truly sympathise with you. I love the page and the way you have the skulls blended into the background in particular. Hope you feel better soon :)

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