Friday, 16 January 2015

A year went past in a blur! Where did 2014 go?

Last year was a bit of a blur, everything went so fast. I'd gone back to working in geology, working very long hours, so I didn't get much time in the craft room. :( But I did get very muddy though!

My Mum started 2014 off in January in hospital in critical care for 3 weeks followed by a whole year of endless hospital stays and appointments, which is still ongoing.  I still had lots of classes to prep for in 2014 though, so when I wasn't working, sleeping or at the hospital, I was frantically beavering away in the craft room.

Well it all got too much by September as I was working away in Cambridge too and I had to stop teaching for a while. I miss it very much.

Here's some pictures that never made it on the blog from last years classes I taught. 

 February 2014 Mixed-media canvas AFTH -  Believe in your dreams, follow your heart and create.


March 2014 Preview class AFTH - I'd rather be crafting desk sign.
I love neon paint on Kraft card.


March 2014 Wynyard Canvas Class - Birdhouse and Bunting


April 2014 AFTH - Give your heart the wings to fly


July 2014 Wynyard Canvas Class - The Beach Huts Day 1

Hinged Canvases Day 2 at Wynyard

August 2014 AFTH - Altered Book Class


August 2014 AFTH - Colour Theory Class.  
This was my last class at AFTH. :(   But not forever though!

 This is Karen, she's super talented and she's now teaching at Art from the Heart too. Go on girl!

                    Steven Macari was over from Paris to see family and managed to fit a class in too. :)

Those colour charts will come in handy. 

These were the amazing flowers that Ben gave me for my last class. They were absolutely stunning and they lasted for weeks! :) Thank you x


This was my last class of 2014 in Cambridge at It's Crafting Time shop in Shepreth.


I did a large acrylic painting in September for a local Mexican restaurant called Mahujo's.
It's a Mexican tree of life. I'd like to do a Los Muertos skull for the next one.


Mum went to the Butterwick Hospice in the summer and I went with her a few times. They had a watercolour painting class on so I had a bit of a dabble too. 
This was my first one, I liked it, but didn't like the clouds. :)

Then I tried this one from a watercolour book. 
I like this too, but I wrinkled the paper a bit.

So then I had a go at painting a photo I had taken of some bales of hay at the foot of Roseberry Topping. I enjoyed my little flurry with watercolours. I could easily retire with all my hobbies, but it won't pay the mortgage, so I had to put my paint brush down for a while.


Me and Helen went for a couple of days to Llandudno in July, a well earned break and a walk up the Orme. Worthy of a quick scrapbook page I thought!


Well that's kind of it for 2014. Sorry the blog posts were a bit thin on the ground.
I've dragged my sewing machine out of the cupboard lately, so I'll do another update this week. 
I think its high time the blog got a revamp anyway, don'tcha think? :)

Have fun in your crafty room, whatever you're doing
Michelle xxx


Joanne said...

That's a lovely look back at the year. I so wish I could have done one of your classes but only managed 2 trips to the NE. Roll on your come back and I'll keep my fingers crossed I can manage at least one class. X said...

All gorgeous pieces of Art Michelle. I can't believe I missed so many canvas classes, but it was a busy year for me and a good one. If you miss teaching that much you could always nip round mine with a canvas or two!! Xxx Sam

Ruth said...

You're very talented, all wonderful pieces of artwork. Think I love the tree of life most. I was lucky enough to take your 'heart has wings class'. Hope you do get to blog more and thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces. Ruth x

Helen said...

I miss your projects and your fun blog posts, hope you find time to do some crafting this year! Lovely to see these photos though.

Sandra Hall said...

Aw, it was great reading this post Michelle and seeing all you art pieces....fabulous! xxx

Helen said...

Lovely to read a little of the year that was! Hope this year is a little less hectic and you are able to fit it plenty of crafting!

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