Saturday, 29 March 2014

Love the Simple Things. Wynyard Mixed-Media class

What a magic day its been!
I was teaching a Mixed-media class in Wynyard,Teesside.
Loved every minute of it, even though I was very nervous this morning.
I don't know why really they're all a lovely bunch of crafter's and one serious potter (Bryan).

Here is everyone making merry with the paints.
There was definitely a hive of activity, and lots of funny conversation. Daisy Lou was in tears at one point!

Me with the canvas they were creating.

Susan in deep concentration and her daughter Jane watching on.

Debbie Happy, Lou serious!

Donna is taking on the challenge of doing it all with her eyes shut!
Errr actually Donna what are ya doing here?

In family corner 

Daisy showing me my stamp! lol and Gemma needs to be reminded of her name 4 times! ha ha love it Gemma x

Karen and Jane, lovely ladies x
What are Gemma and Annette saying to Susie lol!

Naughty Sam, nuff said! 
Joan, what's up luv?

Sue tries to rein in Lou, chance! 

Helen's canvas, loving the texture.

Action shots

This is Sam stroking again, only its her own this time! lol

What a day, what a blast!
Roll on the next one.

From left to right. Back: Sue, Bryan,Karen, Annette, Joan, Juliet, Susan, Debbie, Jane, Diane, Gemma, Jane. Louise Wither's hiding her face!
Front: Daisy Lou, Kay, Sam, Me, Donna.
Susie lying down :)


daisy lou said...

Was definitely a great day!
Thanks Michelle!!

Joanne said...

Oh I have tears now cos I so wanted to be there
You lovely lot, I know you had fun

CraftyKay said...

Amazing day Michelle and I just love my canvass. A massive big thank you.x said...

Aw it was such a good day, with such lovely people, great project by your Michelle and a great event set up by Sue Tucker. Thanks for all the pictures Michelle I might be pinching a few of them.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun!!!!!

Jackie said...

Looks like everyone had a great fun day :o)
Jackie xx

Sue C said...

Looks like a fantastic day! Sue C x

Helen said...

Looks like you all had a ball - and the canvases look great.

Redanne said...

Firstly, loving the new hairdo! Makes you look about 16....

Love the canvas you did and I recognised a few of those lovely ladies and nice to see a pic of Sue too. Wish I could have been there.

Hugs, Anne x

Gemma Maggs said...

Amazing day, thanks michelle,....I just keep coming back for more!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos, everyone obviously had a blast & their canvases are gorgeous.

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