Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crafty Crusing & Argy Bargy Women

It's been a whirlwind of a week. This time last Friday we were driving to Hull to embark on the Ocean Countess ship for a 4 day Crafting Cruise holiday to Amsterdam-Hamburg back to Hull. With excited anticipation we had gone through passport control really quickly and then we were shown to our cabins. The cabins were teeny tiny, but perfectly formed. From my previous post you can see I set up a crafty workdesk pretty quickly in the cabin. It was great seeing Nigel May, Leoni Pujol, Sheena Douglas, Debbi Moore, Shiela Halliwell, Dawn Wheeler, Sarah Millsop, Shaun Ryan, Sue Wilson, Christine Bell and all C&C crew. A really friendly lot, very chatty and full of fun. I enjoyed it very much. The classes were brilliant, and we got lots of crafty stash. Ta peeps. x

There was only one thing that riled me, and that was what inspired me to make this journal page below. Argy bargy women who want everything for themselves. I thought we were all one big happy crafting family with manners and respect for each other. But there's some women out there who just want what they want out of life with no compromise. Pushing their way in, demanding all the attention from the demonstrators with zero regard for anyone else. They should have two Grand Calibre's strapped to their legs and made to walk the bloody plank Arrrrrrr! 4 women in particular pushed me out of the way to get to the front.

With that off my chest here is the page and some photies from the cruise.

The business end of the ship. Waiting to leave Hull, we were piloted through a really narrow gap to get out of the harbour. It was like a 25 point turn with the pilot wiggling us out, as we kept listing to the left.

Great view from the side of the ship in the middle of the North Sea.

Sunset as we were sailing back to England.

Crafty ladies making a Spellbinders card with Sue Wilson. A great bunch of girls.

All the presenters were really helpful & friendly, walking around and talking to you. 

Me, fog horn leg horn

The life jacket drill. Not the most flattering attire I've ever worn! I look a bit bemused too.

Me making ATC's in the cabin.


Elaine said...

Michelle how fabulous and I am so jeleaous ....I bet you had fun after that squeeze out of port. Your page is as ever STUNNING , beautiful colours
Hugs Elaine

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...what a super post Michelle...isn't it funny where our inspiration can come from & what a fabby journal page it made too...what a great crafty mini break...Mel :)

Evil Edna said...

what an excellent way of getting out your frustrations without resorting to poison or mutulation, well done, it's so much easier when there are no bodies to dispose of, however those lovely little fishes in the North Sea can be so helpful!EE

Kaz said...

Nothing like a good journal page to have a good yours!

kaz x

mark gould said...

I love the 4 argey bargey women. I came across one on a day course last weekend,all pushing and me,me,me. Trip looked good though.

mark gould said...

I love the 4 argey bargey women. I came across one on a day course last weekend,all pushing and me,me,me. Trip looked good though.

Marjie Kemper said...

Seriously, what is wrong with people???? I love the page about them... what a great reminder to just let things go. Your colors are fantastic.

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh, I didn't realise you had been on a CRAFT cruise! How fab! And you are right - there are argy bargy people everywhere you go. Still, it made for a great journal page :-)

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