Monday, 24 October 2011

The Hobby Room's Craft Room!

This lovely, clean, organized craft room never stays like this, it's usually covered in glitter, gems, charms, distress inks, and bits of card.

I'm completely anal about organizing colours, as you can tell from this image below. I have buttons all colour coordinated, behind the buttons are prima/mulberry/petaloo flowers in the tall coffee jars. Yes that is a lot of coffee! 


My little collection of various accents from crackle, glossy, snow, silver beads, mica powders, cosmic shimmer and crackle nail varnish.

The distress inks are starting to take over, I hope they don't make too many more shades.

We can't live without glitter, even the most un-girly girls can't resist black glitter.
I'm beginning to think that my skin is made of glitter, I can never seem to get it off me!

The Promarkers even have a home in some cheap Poundshop drawers. Of course these too are colour coordinated. You'll notice that I have a letter rack to the right of the drawers, with a clever use of toilet roll inserts, however, I keep meaning to stick them in properly and alter the whole thing to make it look much more artistic. I just haven't yet. When I do I will put it on here.

My current work 'washing line'. I like stamping and colouring. This is why I always have more finished images than I do cards. I always need somewhere to put them while I'm thinking what I'm going to do with them next.
I think here is the best place.

Maybe I'll put a 'what's on my workdesk Wednesday' pick up on Wednesday, just to see if it's this tidy! I doubt it. Take care everyone, I hope you like my pictures? 
Michelle x


kay said...

it looks fab,i like to be organised too,happy crafting,x

GoonerGirl said...

Wow what an amazing tidy craftroom.... can you come and do mine pleeease lol.. Chrissieann x

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