Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cruise is booked!

I booked the crafting cruise tonight, the guy asked me if I wanted a sea view....ermmm yes.... or I might as well camp with my craft tote in my back garden for 4 days!   I mean is it possible to have a cruise without a sea view?  Maybe if you were touting the local singles bars perhaps.......This is the only one I can think of.

So I'm looking forward to mingling with lots of crafty people actually crafting rather than mingling with lots of crafty people all trying to get a look at a Lili of the Valley stall, or being squashed looking at Barbara Gray using her brayer at a craft show!

We can all relax and just make things all day long, my idea of heaven. I hope the sea's not choppy though I don't wanna roll my brayer over someone else's work!

We leave from Hull on the 4th of May, then off to Amsterdam, then Hamburg, then back to sunny Hull! I'm excited to say the least. Roll on May.....(and that doesn't mean get my brayer out and roll it on Nigel!).

Michelle x

1 comment:

Evil Edna said...

wow cool. have a brillant time. I was thinking about the hobby room letters amd I think that the M should be for me and it should be all about you.EE

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