Thursday 12 February 2015

Driftwood Art Class with Kate Crane

Went to a class at Art from the Heart yesterday taught by the brilliant Kate Crane.
It was all about painting on driftwood.

I adore being at the beach, seeing as I only live about 10 minutes away from one. 
I managed to add to Kate's driftwood supplies with a couple of beach combing trips before the class :)

It was nice to catch up with Kate and my crafty friends too, I hadn't seen them for a while :)
Sam you naughty girl, always trying to half inch my makes ;)

This is what I made, I love it, I might have to make more and sell at a craft fair in my local town. 

I found lots of good samples to paint on at the beach to take to the class.

I really liked the big block, so I could paint on all 4 sides!


The nails were perfect for hanging little flags off. :)

I still need to put a hanger on this one.

I think I have the painty bug back again. Thank you Kate for finding my mojo xx

See ya
Michelle xxx
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