Saturday 27 June 2015

Aged Decoart Crackle on ATC's I've missed making ATC's

I forgot just how fun and quick making ATC's were.
So had a little play yesterday with my Decoart Crackle Glaze and Antiquing Cream.

I just love all those aged crackles :)

Here's how its done :)

I bet you've seen these before?
I've got lots of them, just waiting to be used on something like this.

I stuck down a few papers and an image with some gel medium on a ATC. Be sure to cover the top with a layer of gel medium too, this gives a good surface for the crackle glaze to adhere to. Dry with a heat gun.

I like to use strong not bendy ATC's. Stick some mount board on the back or buy the thick ATC's, they don't buckle or bend when you use the heat gun on them and the crackle glaze works better on the firm card. 

Then I used Faber-Castell big brush Pitt pens to create the shading.

I have used distress inks in the past around the edge, but they don't work well because they are water based, and the crackle glaze is water based too and so the ink runs into the crackle. This is not good, and you don't get a good crackle either. 

The Pitt pens are indian ink and won't run into your crackle glaze. 
You can rub your finger on the ink too and it moves it around to blend the shading. 
I used the black Archival ink around the edge of the ATC.

I used a wide flat brush to brush on the crackle glaze. Take care not to over brush it. Load up the brush and brush one or two strokes over the same area and move along. You get a better crackle the less you work it. The glaze is self leveling so it will even out when you leave it. 

Leave it for about 4 hours and you get this gorgeous effect!
and no leaching of the ink.

Then rub in Antiquing Cream with your finger or a brush.

The antiquing Cream will fill in the cracks and is non permanent, so you can wipe off the excess when you're finished working it into the cracks.

And Voila!
Two fab aged crackle effect ATC's :)
Now what else can I crackle?

Have a good weekend peeps, the sun is out and I'm going to the beach :)
Michelle xx

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Introduction to mixed media - Arty tags class

I'm doing an Arty Tags class at a lovely shop called Poppy Rose on Stockton High Street on the 18th of July 2015. They sell beautiful vintage and handmade crafts and have a little workshop in the back.
They welcome any crafter with open arms, even if you just want to chat and have a cuppa. They have lots of workshops on including ceramics, rag rug making, knitting and sewing. If you're on the high street have a pop in  :)

Michelle xxx

mile emoticon

Friday 12 June 2015

Gentleman Jim Archivist Journal

I went to a fabulous class at Art from the Heart in Harrogate last Saturday.
We made this awesome Archivist Journal from scratch, taught by the amazing Gentleman Crafter Jim Hankins. He's a complete sweetie too, really lovely funny guy and so is Cesar. 

If you're thinking of doing one of Jim's classes, DO IT! You'll be as happy as a little lamb in Spring :)
We got a huge class pack, some mints from Texas, and a perspex spacer bar that Jim had got made for us :) Thank you x

It was only fitting that I used a top hat on the front of the journal :)

Lots of lovely pages too :)

Love this tiny little compass I've been waiting for the right project to use it on.

We made the whole thing including the binding and all the pages.
Genius way of using the garment pins, like that. xx

I used some rub-ons on the page below.

Love that big butterfly from Tim's stickers. 

I filled my little boxes with lots of goodies.
Love the "Fabulous" button :)

Thank you Jim, I enjoyed myself immensely xxx

Jim really wanted the opportunity to drive on the left side of the road, so I let him drive my car around the industrial estate. He did good!

It was such a great class and a lovely group of ladies too. My table were especially awesome, Carol, Gill and Debs xx

I'm hoping that Jim comes back very soon,so I can do another one :)

Get your'e craft on this weekend, it's supposed to be raining! lol
Michelle xxxx
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