Thursday 28 December 2017

Bullet Journaling is my New Favourite Thing

If you love writing "To Do Lists" then this is for you, its definitely for me!

I'm always writing myself lists, Christmas card list, present list, shopping list blah blah blah the LIST is endless!

I've known about bullet journaling for a while, but the penny just didn't drop until I was in a Dyan Reaveley class at Art from the Heart in Harrogate.  Dyan gave us a little sneak peak of something exciting that she's bringing out at CHA in January 2018. I can't reveal too much now because its coming out soon, but its very exciting and it's a must have in my eyes!! 

Sandi had been working on the new...shall we say journal?? ....(all will be revealed)....and she had made a a mood tracker or a habit tracker.. See the pics below they will explain what trackers are.

When I got home, all I kept on thinking about was trackers and how I love organising my life into a series of lists. I usually do boring old Excel spreadsheet kind of lists..yawn ..yawn... but that's the scientist in me. But seeing as I like to use both sides of my brain, the arty side had pushed the geeky white coat wearing scientist out the way and said, make an arty list!


Of course, what was I waiting for! Then it occurred to me, its a bullet journal!! of course it is, why hadn't I been doing this for years, it panders to my love of lists. 

Within 24 hours I'd grabbed one of the hundreds of notebooks I have in my crafty stash. I found a Paperchase one that seemed perfect for getting started. 

Once I realised I was researching bullet journals, there are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest!! OMG where had I been, under a big rock?

Here's what I've done in the last couple of days, and I have plans for lots more, I'm just so fired up with inspiration I can't wait to start filling these charts and lists in!

Here are my arty efforts :)

Index of pages

A legend of the icons I will be using in the bullet journal.

I will be filling this page in the next couple of days, 
20 things to start doing, like, drink more water, read more books, do more exercise etc...

Here is a Birthday page.

I dedicated a page to remind me what makes me happy. And remember to do more of it.

This is a Habit Tracker for January, You fill in the boxes next to it, to say whether you did it or not for that day. I'll start filling it in soon. 

Sometimes at night I can't sleep because my brain thinks too much, so if I just write down whats on my mind and I can forget about it. This happens a lot!

This is a mood tracker for January. I'll be able to tell just how miserable January is supposed to be! lol

Watch this space for more pages and an update on the pages I've started. 
Hope you all have a fab New Year

Michelle xx

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