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My name is Michelle Webb.  I went to art college many moons ago in 1987 and did an A’ level in art, an O’ level in photography (do they still do O levels!?, I'm getting old!), and a TV & media course.  I had the best time of my life there, being creative all day.

(This picture was taken while I was at college experimenting with the black and white photo developing, the rip in the film was when I was a little heavy handed with the squeegy tongs)

My career didn’t really go down the path I intended it to go having been a chef, a shop assistant, an undergrad geology student at the age of 29, carrying on to do a Masters, then being a geologist.  There were lots of elements of art and drawing in geology which still allowed me to be a bit creative and a bit of a science geek too. Using both sides of the brain!

(This picture was taken in Death Valley in California on a 3 week geology field trip through 4 states in 2006)

(This is a pic of me and my friend Laura having a giggle huh um working on rock samples in the labs at Durham University)

Now I look like this most days, working outside and getting covered in mud. 

I still like making cards occasionally but I’ve found my expressive arty feet again. (Here is a link to my Oil painting page) It’s the blog hopping that’s done it, I just see some amazing creativeness on the blogs and it gets my creative mind running a riot..........and it’s ADDICTIVE.   I’m always fired up when I see something that makes me think.......ooooo I wanna do that!.......and I can’t wait to have a go. That inspiration moment just makes you sit up and rub your hands together instantly, then you do everything with excited giddiness until you’re right in the thick of it....with no concept of time.....3 hours later you emerge with a wondrous creation......then you sit back and stare at it from every angle.

THEN............you gotta tidy up!  Booo hisss

This is my crafty space. My son moved out and I converted into my craft room :)

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