Saturday 7 July 2012

Preview day at Art from the Heart

Art from the heart
An epic inky, painty shopping session and I loved every minute of it. Got there at 9am, and left at 3.30pm! Everyone was so nice, lots of people and there was no argy bargy-ness. Perfect. The table was set out in the shop with the journals open again...I love it when they do just makes you want to whip your journal open and start inking up a new page straight away. Art journaling is going a bit mental at the minute, everyone's talking about it and wanting to have a go. I'm enjoying the ride, just like everyone else.

Once again I took my camera and took only 3 pictures...what a fool I am!...... I really wish I had taken more, one pic was of me and Dyan and the other 2 were of me and Kaz...the pics of me and Kaz we weren't happy with because we didn't have flattering angles! vain are we? But if we don't look fab, they're no good, simple as that.  Here is the pic of me and Dyan. I'm a short arse so Dyan came down to my level...however I look a lot shorter than 5'4" on here! Dyan looks like she's practically on her knees. Fab and groovy red hair too, looks brilliant.  I'm on a diet so when I'm thinner I won't look as short...well that's my theory anyway...I'm currently being beasted into shape by my Jillian Michaels dvd too....she kills me on a daily basis.

I was lucky that someone dropped out of Kate's class at 10am, and I stepped in to fill their place.
We made a Stampotique card, which when I finish it off I will put it on here, tomorrow maybe. You can see a little bit of it on the bottom of the haul pictures below.

We all made a concertina card in Sandra Hall's class. Which you can also see at the bottom of my haul picture too

In Dyan's class we did a bleaching and layering stamps technique, very..VERY...funny class.....mental note.. ...must take hard hat next time as Dyan likes to take the shortest route possible when passing you items. She couldn't very well get up and pass anything anyway today because she was sat with her foot up on two boxes, she had broken 2 toes ....ouch!... The funniest story was how she did it. Apparently Dyan thinks its quite natural to walk down the stairs in a ministry of silly walks stylee and manged to smack her toes off the bannister! 

I came home with dirty hands again.

Here is the haul, vetted by the cat of course first.  Every time I whip the camera out she's like 'get me, get me'. 
The little square boxes are pill boxes filled with Perfect Pearls, many different colours. The bag of swirly brass things are swirly brass things!...erm paper clip type things. 

I managed to pick up a Halloween in Wonderland 8x8 paper pad for Red Kitty B aka Sandra (or the other way round..who knows), I think maybe the last in the country. I was really lucky it was there. Apparently Ben found it in the studio. I got some great thick ATC's, really excited about those.

I spy an old Tim Holtz stamp in the middle there. 

This is a mucky mixture bag of stamps, I love every stamp in it! You can see my new 2 Stampotique stamps in the corner, I have a plan to hatch with those tomorrow. It will be on the blog very soon.

And finally 3 racks for my dabbers, distress stains, Golden paints and Adirondack alcohol inks, I have no excuses now for being untidy.

I think you could safely say that I broke the bank!
Until next time.
Bye xxxxx


Sandra Botham said...

I am lost for words (def makes a change). Still cant believe you managed to get me that paper pad, you are a total star.
Your stash is awesome, there is just so much to see and so varied. What is in those little pots all lined up? The colours look out of this world. You must have over 100 stamps there.
You are going to be locked away in your hobby room for weeks. Cant wait to see your projects.
Sandra. Xxxx

Kaz said...

Aww was lovely to see you today, I'm so thankful for no has to look ones best! Lol, love your haul too have fun xxx

Kaz x

patcrafts said...

My God Michelle no wonder there wasn't much left when Ann and I got there, you bought it all. Didn't see you there either,think you must have been in Sandy's class at the time.
Who are you trying to kid I am 4'11 and quite slim but it doesn't make me look any taller but anyway good luck with the diet. Love the pic of you and Dy. x

Sandy said...

I still owe you 99P - still have not straightened out my Etsy Charge problems. I did make a card using your wonderful little house but now do not like my card - it's too plain. I need to work on that but I am here to tell you two 2 weeks ago this coming Monday night, I fell and broke my left hip. Surgery the next morning and I am slowly but surely healing, Surgeon says about 3 months. Oh well. How do mail someone 99p - I don't even know what a p is!!! You lucky girl getting to take those classes.

Jane Wetzel said...

wowzers girl..what a haul! I am so jealous of all the fun..and Dyan is so dang cute! Would love to have met you all- :) Cant wait to see what u do with my favs..Stampotique that is!

Renee said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! So many fun things to play with!!

Heike said...

You seem to have had an absolutely wonderful day. And you have really made the most of it by bringing back so many gorgeous goodies. Enjoy playing with your new toys.
Have a lovely Sunday, Heike xx

Evil Edna said...

OH MY! how much stuff!? you are going to have to move house. I am so looking forward to seeing the wonderfulness you create with them and I am green with envy.EE

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